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Senior consultant to a unique preschool and primary school that has been a hidden gem in Greater Austin since 2001. Working with the Head of School, I developed a segmentation strategy based on research followed by messaging for their segments. I was on the team responsible for boosting enrollment and engagement with key stakeholders for the school, leading Outreach. Wrote about the unique features of the school and served as an admissions representative, the first face to prospective local


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Project Testimonial

“Sharon was a breath of fresh air to our outreach and marketing efforts this past year. She had always been a thoughtful, active parent at the school, so when the need for more specialized marketing and research arose she was a natural choice. Sharon is a perceptive listener, a strategic thinker, an effective communicator, and highly organized, all of which have been a real boon to our efforts to better understand the school’s market. Her survey research and analysis gave us new and actionable insight with a clear direction of where to spend our marketing dollars and time. She has catalyzed our word-of-mouth outreach and made many positive contributions to our administration team. I highly recommend Sharon for her market research expertise and for being a pleasure to work with.

– Independent School, Communications Officer


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March 24, 2017