Unique, Green Real Estate Agency Strategy & Website

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Kimberly“Sharon was such an inspiration as she spear-headed our marketing and website rejuvenation – I don’t think we could have done it without her calm guidance, organization and positive energy. As she interviewed me to build out my bio, Sharon really got to the heart of what my history had been and encouraged me to promote my experience in a unique way. Thank you, Sharon, for giving e3 a fresh energy.”


“Sharon is completely top-notch as a marketing consultant. She has been instrumental in helping us clarify our direction and then has kept the project organized and moving forward with clear direction and expert skill. Her guidance and recommendations have been very valuable. She is taking my company to the next level. I highly recommend Sharon as a marketing consultant.”
-Business Co-Owners

I provided strategic planning and marketing to the owners of a unique, green residential real estate agency. I managed the major refresh of their website and the copy writing. I wrote their LinkedIn profiles and company page.

e3 Properties 



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March 24, 2016