Planning for a Life Coach

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Elizabeth Golembiewski, coach“I can’t say enough about Sharon’s competency as a project manager, marketing strategist and strategic planner. She completely and thoroughly stepped up for any project that I have needed help with. Sharon’s ideas and experience have been a positive impact on all aspects of my business. She has been a phenomenal project manager and kept all projects on track with a clear vision for the future. Sharon has the clarity and focus that’s been needed to improve my bottom line. Communication with Sharon has been effortless.


She has saved me valuable time by posting all our meeting notes, project updates, and research and development information in a timely, well-organized manner. Furthermore, she is an excellent marketing communicator and knows the best ways to get my message out. She has excellent grammatical skills. She consistently asks what she can help me with and takes on without reservation any project I have brought her. Sharon has experience with social media and marketing campaigns and has helped me successfully with social media marketing. I recommend her without hesitation.” -Coach, Business Owner


I wrote for her about business formation, marketing, communications, and ethics (seven modules) for an Online Training Course for individuals seeking to start their own coaching practices. I provided marketing strategy and communications consulting and project management for a dynamic business leader.




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March 24, 2017