Free 30-Minute Consultation on Overall Business Plans Offered – done onsite during Austin-area coworking office hours or via phone, Google Hangout or Skype. Contact

Seedling Support for Start-Ups & NGOs

  • Perfect for Startups, Non-Profits, and Registered Charities Consultation and review of a business and marketing plan with constructive suggestions for growth. Includes two, in-person or video-based meetings and a brief, summary blueprint. Includes up to 5 hours of consultation and review.
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Narrative Strategy Development

  • Perfect for solopreneurs, business leaders, and professionals.
  • Interview and Consultation on how to best present yourself professionally in writing and online.
  • May include a review of your resume, LinkedIn Profile, Website Bio and/or other media.
  • Includes up to 5 hours of consultation and review.
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Discovery Audit and the 10,000-Foot View

  • Initial session meeting to discuss the current strategy and potential growth plans. Includes the market overall, competitive landscape, target customers, products/services from a high level perspective. Deliverables include Discovery Audit notes, a survey, a basic blueprint of the strategy + a follow-up session to review. Includes up to 5 hours of consultation and review.
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Strategic Planning Workshop

Full-Day Session
  • Five to six hours where we meet and talk about the strategic planning process, do written, interactive exercises, discuss as a group and brainstorm. All are facilitated by Sharon Munroe.
  • Come into the Workshop with rough ideas and leave with clarity around your marketing priorities and a real-world plan with notes for taking your marketing efforts to the next level.
  • Includes preparation, materials for the written exercises, facilitation and a succinct action-plan with 10 total hours of consultation.
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Trees Through The Forest

Strategic Planning Program
  • An Eight-Week Engagement focused on a Discovery Audit + strategic growth planning for in 1-2 of the following areas: Market Assessment and Competitive Analysis, Target Customer and Positioning Review, Brand Audit, Products or Services Portfolio Review, Business Development Strategy, Organizational Development.
  • Deliverables include a re-cap meeting and detailed blueprints for the one or two focus selected areas, including goal setting.
  • May include recommendations for custom research, digital marketing and/or public relations when applicable.
  • Other services will estimate and bill for their time separately.
  • Includes up to 25 hours of consultation and review.
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Meeting space conducive to any in-person session can be recommended if needed.

A Retainer for Monthly Work on a Marketing Strategy May Be Available: includes a set number of hours at a preferred rate. Please inquire to obtain a custom quote.

Strategy Support, Includes plan design and training for a marketing or outreach team member to be able to lead marketing strategy in-house. Please inquire to obtain a custom quote.