Sharon V. MunroeMarketing Strategist, Researcher and Freelance Writer

My favorite work is listening to clients talk about their strategy and growth plans. I  regularly consider how market research could answer their toughest questions. I put strategic plans in place to help companies grow based on their needs.

I works across the Tech, Healthcare Sectors and other B2B areas, always excited about the challenges of learning a new industry and business model.

Often clients engage me to oversee communications planning as a content strategist and write for their organizations.

Prior to working as an independent marketing strategy and research consultant in 2014, I  had the experience of co-founding or founding three organizations: a research agency called ReconMR, a for-benefit called Little Green Beans, reselling children’s items and The Advanced Maternal Age Project, a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to provide support to women and couples who made the choice to start their family at age 35 or better. Based in Austin, Texas,

I have an extensive network of contacts in digital marketing and design, public relations and all types of market research, allowing for the growth strategies that I co-create with clients to be implemented brilliantly.

In my early career I worked in corporate communications, marketing communications and online marketing for global electronics and computer companies for ten years, gaining a broad skill set. Seeking more analytical skills, I completed a MBA and was asked to lead a market research team focused on Dell’s growing e-commerce business.

With superb training and hands-on experience conducting business and consumer surveys, focus groups and the usability testing of websites, I was recruited to join a global market research agency (and then another and another), moving to bigger leadership roles over the next decade. I gained experience in business development, account planning and management, research team management and furthered my knowledge of market research tools and techniques.

I believe in giving back to the local Austin community and give an estimated 20% of my time to nonprofit causes. This pro-bono and/or in-kind donations to nonprofits demonstrates  our commitment to provide the highest quality service to those in need. Recent recipients include the Texas Freelance Association and the Ridgetop Elementary PTA.

Jenna“Sharon is a fantastic business partner who truly understands research. Sharon has an extensive knowledge base for consumer research, and most importantly how to apply it to make the most impact on the business.

“Sharon is a great listener who knows how to ask the right questions. This combined with her strategic thinking allows her to anticipate potential business decisions which sets projects up for success. As an expert market researcher Sharon has a talent for delivering truly insightful information. She is a great thought partner and I have always enjoyed working with her, and would highly recommend her for any strategic management role in marketing or marketing research.”

-Senior Market Research Manager, Major Retailer

Ellen “Sharon is a savvy marketer, communicator and spokesperson. Her goal-oriented, go-getter personality and impeccable organization skills are the qualities that make her such an exceptional business woman and entrepreneur…and a perfect client to partner with. It has been a pleasure to work with Sharon on her latest entrepreneurial venture.”

-Senior Healthcare Communications Consultant

Casey“I have worked alongside Sharon for almost two years. She brought me in to work on projects. She has an impressively strong business acumen and knowledge of marketing research and strategy. She is thorough in her direction when managing others and open and responsive when working with clients. She is dedicated to getting the job done right, as promised and on time.

At the same time, I witnessed her passion and commitment to her personal “side projects” which gained an impressive amount of traction in the news media. I don’t know where Sharon gets all her energy! When I think I don’t have time to do anything more, I think about Sharon and realize I could do so much more!”

-Senior Market Research Consultant

James“Sharon is an incredibly talented marketer and I have been fortunate enough to work with her on multiple occasions. She is thoughtful, well organized, and always spot-on when assessing a client’s total needs and then executing solutions. She is also an incredibly talented copywriter and content strategist. 

-Creative Agency Owner

Katie“I attended Sharon’s website strategy workshop and found it to be phenomenally helpful—easily one of the top short business classes I’ve attended. As a facilitator Sharon is engaging and focused, and helps each participant identify smart, important steps to take immediately. What stuck with me most, though, was the degree of professionalism Sharon modeled. Glad to have gotten the chance to work with her, and would definitely recommend Sharon’s workshops and services.

-Content Strategist, Writer, Entrepreneur